Cutest Yellow Top for Under $40


J. CREW Top // PAIGE Jeans // SAM EDELMAN Sandals // SOLE SOCIETY Bag // QUAY Sunglasses // VESTIQUE Choker // BAUBLEBAR Earrings

Hello, folks! It’s been forever since I’ve actually come on here with a post like this! Though I must admit, the break was very nice. I love my blog, but there are aspects of it that can be very overwhelming. But I am happy to be back, and already have my wheels turning for new content in the coming months. Fall is right around the corner, and it is my absolute favorite season to dress for, and the time of year when I feel most inspired, and honestly just more happy all around. I love my cute yellow top and white jeans in this post, but just thinking about wearing sweaters, boots, jackets, and cute hats gets me so giddy and excited!!!

What have you all been up to?? I can’t believe we are already on the last leg of summer. It feels like only yesterday that I was celebrating with all of you that school was over with for the year, and now I only have a month left before I’m back there again. Ugh, gross. But at least it’s my senior year! Woohoo!!!

August is going to be another very busy month for me, so I can’t promise that things with the blog are going to pick up their normal pace quite yet. I am going to Texas with my family and Juan to visit some of our family (fun fact, I was born in Texas), and then school also starts in August, so it is going to be another busy month where my schedule is going to be all out of whack. But I promise that after August, things will be in full swing! I hope you all have a great week ahead of you!!!



Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018!

Wow…long time, no talk! How are y’all??? I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted on the blog. It has taken me so long to get back into the swing of things since I got back from Colombia. Unfortunately, I have put blogging on the back-burner since I got back from my trip, but don’t worry, that will change soon! I have three photo shoots planned for tomorrow, so get ready for more consistent content coming this month!

In the meantime, I finally have a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post up for you guys! I’m sure most of you are sick and tired of hearing about the sale, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to make a post on it. I ordered four items from the sale (technically five, but I thought creating an outfit around a bra would be unnecessary), and I thought it would be fun to create outfits out of the four items I bought. One requirement I have for when I purchase an item, is if I can create at least three different ways that I can wear it in my head. It’s a good rule of thumb to have while shopping in order to make sure that I will get my money’s worth out of it. So, for each item I purchased, I took one of the outfits I created in my head, and put it on paper for y’all. A majority of the items in this collage are a part of the Nordstrom Sale, but if they aren’t on sale, they are at least from Nordstrom! If you aren’t a Nordstrom cardholder, don’t forget that the sale goes public on July 20th!

nordstrom sale

Outfit One

What I ordered from the outfit…the shoes.

BP. Mule in ‘Black Suede’ (After Sale, $79.95…Before Sale, $49.90)

BLANKNYC Jeans (not a part of the sale…$88)

FREE PEOPLE Sweater in ‘Black’ (After Sale, $78…Before Sale, $51.90)

BRIXTON Baker Boy Cap in ‘Black’ (After Sale, $48…Before Sale, $31.90)

Outfit Two

What I ordered from the outfit…the sweater.

BP. Balloon Sleeve Sweater in ‘Green Golf’ (After Sale, $49…Before Sale, $31.90)

Citizens of Humanity White Jeans (not a part of the sale…$188)

SARTO BY FRANCO SARTO Sandal in ‘Navy Suede’ (After Sale, $138.95…Before Sale, $89.90)

LE SPECS Sunglasses (After Sale, $89…Before Sale, $58.90)

Outfit Three

What I ordered from the outfit…the sweater.

BP. Pullover in ‘Yellow Sulfur’ (After Sale, $39…Before Sale, $25.90)

STS Black Jeans (After Sale, $59…Sale, $38.90)

HALOGEN Mule (After Sale, $99.95…Sale, $64.90)

FREE PEOPLE Bralette (not a part of the sale…$38)

Outfit Four

What I ordered from the outfit…the shoes.

SOLE SOCIETY Bootie in ‘Porcini’ (After Sale, $109.95…Sale, $72.90)

BLANKNYC Moto Jacket in ‘Evergreen’ (After Sale, $98…Sale, $64.90)

SHIRALEAH Scarf in ‘Tan’ (After Sale, $33…Sale, $21.90)



White Lace Top + Mini Life Update


SHOW ME YOUR MUMU Top (old, similar here and here) // PAIGE Jeans // MARC FISHER Wedges // TARGET Earrings // VESTIQUE Choker (old, similar here and here)

Hey, everyone!!! I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here, even though it’s only been about five days. I wanted to pop on here today, not only to share my outfit, but to give you all a quick update for the coming month of June!

In June, I wanted to let y’all know that I do not plan on posting very much on my blog, if at all. I do have a few blog posts planned that I might try to post in June, but I am also considering saving them for July. I haven’t decided yet. The reason for this is that I am leaving for a three-week trip to Medellín, Colombia in June with Juan and his family. My boyfriend and his family are from Colombia, and although Juan and I have been together for over four years, this is my first time ever visiting the country where he was born! It is also my first trip out of the U.S. ever!!! I am very very very excited!!! A little nervous too, but mostly excited! We won’t be getting back to the states until early July, and three weeks is quite a long trip. Because it is my first trip outside of the states, a trip where I get to enjoy the culture that my boyfriend was raised in, as well as a trip where I get to spend so much quality time with his family, the blog is not really something that I want to be focusing on during that time. I really don’t want to have to stress about finding shooting locations, or taking time of out of everyone’s day for me to take blog photos, and things like that. Also, there is no way that I can afford to purchase three weeks worth of new clothing to post.

So again, I may try to post at least a few times before I leave for the trip, but my time before we leave is going to be very jam-packed as well, so that is why I still haven’t decided. I pretty much work non-stop during the beginning of June (literally everyday), before I head to Charlotte for my little brother’s high school graduation, where there will be a ton of family in town for me to spend time with as well, which is another reason for me to put blogging on the back-burner in June. I’m not even sure if I will have time to get blog photos taken (especially with all of the rain we’ve been having), let alone post them.

To be honest, I am really looking forward to this break! I love my blog so much, but the past couple months it has been stressful for me, not necessarily because of the work it requires, but for other reasons. The social media that goes into running a style blog can be a stressful and discouraging thing, and I think the planning and the focus on followers that goes into it is what I am most looking forward to taking a break from!

But speaking of social media, I will definitely be posting some outfit pictures from my trip on my Instagram! I also plan on posting a lot on my stories as well! I may not be posting as frequently on Instagram as I normally do, but I definitely won’t be completely inactive haha! If you want to follow along on my Colombian adventure, be sure to follow me on Instagram (or on Facebook if you don’t have Instagram)!!!

I hope that this post wasn’t too rambly, and that all of you amazing and kind people can understand where I am coming from with the much-needed break! Again, I will not be falling off the face of the earth haha, as I do plan on still posting on my Instagram (perhaps just not as frequently). I just don’t plan on posting on my blog for the month of June. But come July, I will be back in full force, and with a recap of my trip as well!!!

Thank you all so much for supporting me, and for following along with me! Maybe this break is just what I need to get my creative juices flowing again!

As they say in Colombia… ¡Chao!


Pastel Fun!



Woohoo!!! It’s the weekend!! I literally just got back from the beach, and let’s just say that I am a tad burned haha. Not too bad though, so hopefully it fades to a bronze! At least we can hope! But it was seriously the perfect day at the beach on Sullivan’s Island. The weather was gorgeous, and there was a breeze the whole time so I didn’t feel too hot. My friend and I also went and got chicken salad sandwiches and lemonade at this cafe on the beach too. Such a great day! Now I am just waiting on my parents to get here because they are visiting me this weekend (and also procrastinating on cleaning before they get here too hehe)!

This top is so cute and it’s on sale!!! It’s so easy to just throw on and go. And I am also obsessed with my earrings. I loved them so much that I went and got them in another color! When they are only around $7, why not??

I hope you all have a great memorial day weekend!! And hopefully the rain chills out. I don’t know about you, but I would really like to see sunshine on my weather app for once!!!



Window Shopping Wants: May

Window Shopping Wants

It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve done a Window Shopping Wants post! Which is funny because I definitely have not stopped window shopping haha. Enjoy!

one (These also come in white and I’ve been eying them forever!) // two // three (Soooo cute and only $35!) // four // five (I have this in yellow and it is my favorite top! It is $55!) // six // seven // eight (Actually just ordered these for myself! I can’t wait to get them in!)