Welcoming Spring


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Ah, spring…the wonderful time of year when I can start worrying about how pale I am! Oh, and about how bikini-body season is officially upon us…wow spring, you may be pretty and full of blooms, but you sure do know how to stress a girl out.

Well, what better way to get ready for bikini season than with a box of cupcakes, right?! And this dress may not tone or tan me, but it sure does help cushion the blow of the fact that I am neither toned nor tanned. Isn’t it adorable? When I first put on this dress, I fell in love with it. And when I added the hot pink heel, I basically couldn’t stop swooning at myself. This outfit is so fun and girly, and perfect for frolicking around in spring flowers (cause everybody spends their free time doing that, I’m sure). This dress would look so cute styled with a neutral heel, and some bright and colorful earrings as well. When a dress is this cute, you want it to be easy to style in various ways, so you always have an excuse to wear it!

Also, if you’re ever in Charleston, SC and want a sweet treat, you should definitely visit Sugar Bakeshop! Not only do their cupcakes taste great, but they also make great outfit accessories!  Do yourself a favor and get the caramel cupcake. Seriously, though. Wishing everybody a great start to spring!


Dress (currently sold out, but you can sign up for restock alerts; similar here, here, and here) • Shoes

3 thoughts on “Welcoming Spring

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  2. LOVE.. LOVE THIS GIRLY LOOK!! You are so gorgeous in the off-shoulder look!! Love it!! ❤❤😘

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