Floral Green Maxi


Let me just start by saying, that if you want to go running around on some hills while singing tunes from The Sound of Music, than boy, do I have the dress for you. This dress is so beautiful, and the fabric flows in a way that makes even the most ungraceful person (eh-hem…myself) look like they are one with the wind.

Maxi dresses are so comfortable, and if you have read my past blog posts, you know that I always appreciate comfort. This dress is so comfortable, yet so beautiful on. The color is a gorgeous green, and I love the feminine, floral pattern. It also comes in two other colors: a soft ivory, and black. The neckline and sleeves are great on this as well, and I often find that a v-neck with sleeves combination is the most universally flattering look on women of all body types.

How was everyone’s Easter? I spent the day doing homework and getting a solid sunburn by the pool, but it was a happy holiday! Summer break is right around the corner and I’m having so much fun planning outfits for summer blog posts! Now I just have to think about what colors go well with a sunburn….


Dress • Shoes (sold out, so similar here, and here) •

5 thoughts on “Floral Green Maxi

  1. This dress is precious and ohhhh so feminine!! Love it!! The sandals are such a great neutral and look very comfy!! Love getting these beautiful and FUN blogs! Can’t wait for more!! Such a beauty!!

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  2. What brand are those shoes? I love them!!! I know you said they were sold out, but I thought I would look into it and maybe see if there was another color.

    You are adorable!!! Love you!!!

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