Coral Ruffle Dress


This week I bring to you the summer season in dress form! It’s only getting hotter outside, so why not wear a vibrant orange dress to match the weather? This dress comes complete with the off-the-shoulder look that I love, blouson sleeves, and a ruffle bottom that really makes twirling an extra fun activity. Just a warning though, people that drive by will definitely give you a judgmental look as you twirl on the sidewalk in front of someone else’s house. I paired the dress with my fun, tan heels and my new gold Lisi Lerch earrings, which I am obsessed with! I plan on doing a full post on Lisi Lerch earrings in the future!

This week brings fun plans for me, as I am visiting my family in Charlotte for an extended vacation, and have a lot of fun posts planned since I will have ample time to take pictures (as well as lay out, eat, and bask in the lazy relaxation that being at home provides). Have a great week, everybody!


Dress (similar color dress here) • Shoes (50% off!!!) • Earrings

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