Mini Room Tour


Target Comforter SetTarget Rectangular Throw PillowBed Bath and Beyond Seashell and Grasses ArrangementTarget Gray Square Throw PillowNordstrom Mug • Items that I purchased from Home Goods: 2 faux fur pillows, lamp shade, collage picture frame, mirror, art above bed •

Hello, everyone! Today’s post is something a little different from what I normally do. I just moved into my new apartment, and took the move as an opportunity to redecorate my bedroom. I’m calling this a “mini” bedroom tour because there’s still some things I would like to add to my room, so there isn’t a ton to show. That’s why the photos in this post are mostly focused on one side of my room. The other side that’s not pictured basically just consists of my boring white dresser, the television, and my framed Titanic movie poster (I’m not even a little ashamed). Also, my room doesn’t get a lot of natural sunlight, so bear with me on my photography skills. I’m still trying to figure this camera out (#toomanybuttons).

Another disclaimer: a lot of the items in my room are from Home Goods, aka the Holy Land of home decor, so since Home Goods doesn’t have a shoppable website, there’s a good bit I couldn’t link, and most of the similar items I found were all super expensive. So the items that I did link are items that I purchased from places that actually have websites that you can shop, like Target. I highly advise going to Home Goods if you are looking to decorate any part of your home on a budget. The mirror in my room is amazing and it was only $40! Every similar mirror I found online was about $200! So, I conclude this rambling paragraph with…Home Goods is where it’s at.

My room in my old apartment was basically the exact opposite of my new room. I’m talking bright pink, orange, and green. I had known for about the past year that I was ready to redo my room and make it a little more grown up. Don’t get me wrong, pink is still my favorite color, I just wanted colors that were softer, and a little more peaceful. I also thought that neutral decorations would be great because I can use them for many years and pair them with almost anything. All of the tan and gray decorations in my bedroom now, may make for a great guest bedroom in a house one day.

My favorite parts of my room are definitely the mirror, the lampshade, and the pillows. That mirror and lampshade were awesome Home Goods finds. I mean, how cute is that lampshade?? And the mirror is such high quality for its price. A definite steal!

There are still a few things I would love to add to my room though…

Room Decor

• 1. Home LED Marquee Sign • 2. Basket Weave Accent Pillow in ‘Ivory Dove’ • 3. Bath and Body Works Mod Stripes Candle Sleeve • 4. UGG Shearling Cuff Bootie • 5. UGG Genuine Sheepskin Rug in ‘Natural’ • 6. Plush Throw Blanket in ‘Grey Frost’ •

And that concludes my little room tour! I am so happy with my room. It’s the place I go to binge watch Friends, and where I wake up in the morning with horrendous bed head, and I love it! Let me know what you think of my bedroom in the comments below! Anything you think I should add? Happy Monday, everyone! Have a great week!


3 thoughts on “Mini Room Tour

  1. Hayley.. it is BEAUTIFUL!! So classy and sophisticated!! I love every bit of it!! The mirror… WOW!! The detail and textures in the pillows and lampshades are just GREAT!!
    Super job, sweet girl, SUPER JOB!!!!! 👍👍😃


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