Dressing For Nature


• Cold Shoulder Wrap Dress (sold out, so similar here, here, and here) • Marc Fisher WedgesTarget Hat

Let me be clear, the title for this post is a joke. I would not advise wearing this outfit in nature. My mom took these pictures for me, and while we were walking the trails to get to this bridge, I was waving my shoe out in front of me to tear down any spider webs that I might potentially walk into. I also jumped when I saw a turtle. Yes, a slow-moving, gentle turtle. I may have given my mom a few good laughs, but I was not kidding around. My advice is to just stay away from nature. Avoid it at all costs. There are bugs and snakes, and unless all of those bugs and snakes find a new home where I never have to risk running into them, I think it’s just best for the outdoors and I to spend a little time apart.

My mom let me borrow this dress to wear for this post. I think it is such a flattering fit, with the wrap style and v-neck. It’s also a good length and not too short, and the cold-shoulder addition makes the dress more fun than your typical wrap-style dress. The pattern is also great to carry into fall. I will probably be borrowing this dress again in October and pairing it with my heeled tan boots for those awkward days when it’s not hot, but it’s not cold either.

I got this hat from Target for $6.00 by the way. It’s not as cheap online, but if you are ever looking for accessories on the cheaper side, just go to Target! It’s my go-to place for inexpensive accessories, particularly hats!

I’m wishing you all a great week! I finished my first week of school this past week. Can’t say I’m super glad to be back and actually have to use my planner, but at least I’m one year closer to graduation!


4 thoughts on “Dressing For Nature

  1. You are so pretty! You look like Hilary Duff in this pictures! That dress is adorable 😀 Would you mind check out my page? I’d mean the world to me! Maybe we can follow each other? 😀
    Love, Mimi



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