Window Shopping Wants + October

Welcome to another month of things-Hayley-wants-buy-but-has-no-money-for! Thanks for stopping by! If you read this whole post, I know we would get along really well because there’s just something about discussing clothes with someone that really bonds me with them. I mean, I could go on about clothes for hours, but I’ll spare you the boredom and condense it into this cute little collage.

window shopping wants 2

1. Tory Burch ‘Miller” Flip Flop in ‘Natural Leopard’

I have had my sand patent leather Miller sandals since my junior year of high school. Almost six years, people. I don’t know if I’m more in shock that a pair of shoes lasted that long, or that I was junior in high school six years ago…seriously feels like yesterday, and that freaks me out. Anyways, my Millers are finally starting to get a little too worn out since I wear them almost every day for 8-hour days working retail. This leopard pair is a fun twist on a neutral and might be my replacement pair.

2. Brixton Fiddler Cap in ‘Black/White Tweed’

I used to think hats like this looked so hilarious and early 2000s, but it looks like they’re making a comeback, and my view of them has totally changed. When styled the right way, they look so adorable, and I am definitely thinking about grabbing one. I’m still debating if I can pull it off though.

3. Topshop Balloon Sleeve Turtleneck Sweater

Wow, another sweater that I’m obsessed with! Surprise, surprise! I mean geez, Nordstrom, are you trying to kill me?? Its a turtleneck, has statement sleeves, and is a gorgeous color. Ugh, I’m just gonna let it sit in my cart for the next week and hope it sells out. For my bank account’s benefit, not my heart’s.

4. Lisi Lerch Ginger Earrings in ‘Gold’

I have firm plans to grab myself a pair of these in the next month or so, so you will definitely be seeing them in coming blog posts. A bunch of my friends have them and they are so gorgeous on. They make dressing up an outfit a breeze.

5. Matisse Grove Genuine Calf Hair Bootie

Okay, I don’t know what the deal is with me and leopard lately, either, but I have been finding myself so attracted to it the past couple weeks. I would love these with some black skinny jeans and the red turtleneck that I want so badly too. Basically I just think about outfits all day long, in case y’all were wondering.


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