Casual in the Cold


| Cardigan: Altar’d State (sold out, so other cute sweaters from Altar’d State here, here, and here) | Tee: Altar’d State | Jeans: Articles of Society | Jeans: Frye (25% off!)| Mug: Target |

Three days until Christmas. What a beautiful statement. We are only a mere three days away from the best day of the entire year (in my humble opinion that I would shout boldly from the rooftops without hesitation). I am headed to Charlotte tomorrow and I can’t freaking wait to get there. I know my dogs are just anxiously awaiting my arrival.

Today I am featuring this super casual and cozy outfit. This is an easy outfit to just throw together on a whim if you are running errands or if you are just hanging out around the house and want to look cute for whatever reason…unlike myself, whose “hanging out around the house” uniform is usually the pair of pajamas I woke up in.

I hope the next couple days fly by, cause I am ready to be home with my family! I hope you all are enjoying this amazing time of year with your loved ones as well and are feeling nothing but joy! I won’t be posting on here again until after Christmas, so I’ll sign off with this:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours. 


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