Window Shopping Wants + September

Hello, friends! I’ve decided to start a new segment on the blog, called Window Shopping Wants. I am an avid online shopper. I probably peruse different clothing sites, fashion blogs, and, every day when I’m bored or just relaxing at home. Although I rarely actually buy anything, I still see things I want all the time and am always getting outfit inspiration. I’ve always called this “online window shopping,” since I’m not actually buying anything, just browsing. So I was thinking, why not share some of the things I have my eye on? Every month I will bring you my Window Shopping Wants, and share a few of the things I would buy if someone left a giant sack of money on my doorstep (Anyone?…Anyone…? Bueller…?).


1. BP. Lightweight Rib Stitch Cardigan in ‘Green Timber’

I’ve come to notice that a lot of my fall clothes are burgundy, so I would really like to go to the cooler side of the spectrum and start wearing some more green this time of year. I really like this hunter green because it’s the same color as a Christmas Tree, and who doesn’t love to look like a Christmas tree?

2. Baublebar Bone Links Necklace

I really like tortoise patterns, and the blonde tortoise of this necklace is so pretty! I think the necklace is also the perfect size. It’s chunky enough to make a statement, but isn’t super clunky on your neck.

3. Arturo Chiang Hadley Bootie in ‘Iron Leather’

I need these shoes soooooo bad. I am a shoe freak, and when I see a pair I like, I can’t stop thinking about them (wow, obsess much?). I love the shape of them, and especially the chocolate brown color! Maybe I’ll add them to my Christmas list…

4. Nike Free Focus Flyknit 2 Bionic Training Shoe in ‘Sunset Tint/Red Stardust’

I’ve been needing a new pair of tennis shoes for awhile, and by “need,” I mean that the ones I have now are kind of dirty and I don’t care enough to clean them. I really like the color of these and I think they’d be really cute to wear *to the gym.

*when I’m being lazy and don’t want to get dressed up

5. Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Robe in ‘Indigo/White’

For some reason I’ve been on kind of a robe kick the past few months. I’ve been on the lookout for one but have managed to talk myself out of buying one, because I have these things called bills that I have to pay. But if I ever get some spare money or win the lottery, I will have my eye on this one. It looks so soft and cozy and the color gray has really been growing on me recently.

6. Halogen Cashmere Off the Shoulder Sweater in ‘Heather Oatmeal’

Y’all didn’t think I would stop wearing off the shoulder pieces because it’s getting a little chillier did you? Nope, I am still an off the shoulder freak. This sweater is adorable!

7. Kendra Scott Ellie Gold Stud Earrings in ‘Bronze Veined Turquoise’

I don’t know what it is about Kendra Scott, but it is so easy to impulse buy there. I try not to allow myself to go in the store because I just get sucked right in. These earrings are so cute though, and I feel like turquoise is such a stand-out color when paired with so many different neutrals.

Perfect Little Black Dress


Bobeau Cold Shoulder Dress (30% off) • Via Spiga Heel in ‘Straw Suede’ (40% off) • Whitley V Necklace (sold out, but cute necklaces by same brand here, and here) • Tory Burch Clutch •

Hello, friends! How is the hurricane treating you all? I really hope everyone is doing okay! Luckily Charleston was spared this time, but I’m pretty sure we aren’t totally out of the woods for the next couple months, considering hurricane season just started. Maybe my stress level wasn’t cut out for living on the coast.

If you are looking for a great little black dress, this dress is so perfect. It is really comfortable, and can be styled soooo many different ways. It’s perfect for work or internships, or even for just casually romping around on the weekends. It’s also thin enough that it can be worn in the spring and summer, but can still be warmed up with some layering. I’m telling you, people, this dress is fantastic. I know y’all are probably thinking, “Hayley, it’s a plain black dress. Chill out,” and you’re probably right. Actually, you’re totally right. But I would never get this excited over a plain black dress for nothing, so you can trust me.

I am planning on doing a post this month showing a bunch of different ways that this dress can be styled, just to prove my point and show that I am not totally dramatic.

Again, please be safe if you are in the path of Irma! Although not having school and getting to come home for a few days has been pretty darn great, worrying about my apartment and flooding isn’t too fun. Have a great week!


Business Casual


Topshop Ruffle Sleeve Top ($27.99!) • Leith Pleat Front TrousersJessica Simpson Suede Block HeelsBaubleBar ‘Piñata’ Tassel Earrings

Happy Labor Day, everyone! This week I start my new internship! I am so excited! It is my ideal internship, and I feel so lucky that I am able to get this experience and to learn new things outside of the college classroom. In honor of this week being my first week, I thought I would do a more business casual outfit for you all. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a version of this outfit on the try-on videos I did last week on my Instagram Stories. Feel free to follow me on Instagram so you don’t miss any videos or posts like that!

So, what do y’all think of this outfit? Do I look ready for business? Ready to take on Wall Street (lol)? If you are looking for some pants for work that are sleek looking, but also really comfortable (I’m talking pajama-esque comfort), I highly suggest these pants. They are only $55, are pleated, and have a really comfortable feeling. They aren’t your typical stiff work pants. I would even wear these to a nice dinner with some strappy heels! This blouse is also another great find. It comes in red as well, and is on sale for $27.99! The material is really nice, and ruffle sleeves are one of my favorite trends right now. Just keep in mind that it does have a shorter length, so it is best to wear it with more high waisted bottoms. And keep in mind, I already have a pretty short torso, so for all of you (lucky) girls with a long torso, be sure to check out the measurements for this top before you purchase!

Can I just say that I am soooo ready for fall? I need it to cool off. I promise, my hair will look so much better in my blog photos after it finally cools down and this humidity starts to go away. I can’t take it anymore! The frizz is making me crazy. My hair looks so good when I leave the house, only for it to totally deflate as soon as I stay outside for more than five minutes. Do you think a baseball cap would take away too much of the business vibe of this look? Perhaps I can start a new trend.


Dressing For Nature


• Cold Shoulder Wrap Dress (sold out, so similar here, here, and here) • Marc Fisher WedgesTarget Hat

Let me be clear, the title for this post is a joke. I would not advise wearing this outfit in nature. My mom took these pictures for me, and while we were walking the trails to get to this bridge, I was waving my shoe out in front of me to tear down any spider webs that I might potentially walk into. I also jumped when I saw a turtle. Yes, a slow-moving, gentle turtle. I may have given my mom a few good laughs, but I was not kidding around. My advice is to just stay away from nature. Avoid it at all costs. There are bugs and snakes, and unless all of those bugs and snakes find a new home where I never have to risk running into them, I think it’s just best for the outdoors and I to spend a little time apart.

My mom let me borrow this dress to wear for this post. I think it is such a flattering fit, with the wrap style and v-neck. It’s also a good length and not too short, and the cold-shoulder addition makes the dress more fun than your typical wrap-style dress. The pattern is also great to carry into fall. I will probably be borrowing this dress again in October and pairing it with my heeled tan boots for those awkward days when it’s not hot, but it’s not cold either.

I got this hat from Target for $6.00 by the way. It’s not as cheap online, but if you are ever looking for accessories on the cheaper side, just go to Target! It’s my go-to place for inexpensive accessories, particularly hats!

I’m wishing you all a great week! I finished my first week of school this past week. Can’t say I’m super glad to be back and actually have to use my planner, but at least I’m one year closer to graduation!


Fall-ing For Light Pink


Lilly Pulitzer Top in ‘Paradise Pink’ • J. Crew White JeansUGG Suede Boots (sold out, so similar here, and here) • ILYMIX Pink Mirror Sunglasses (get 20% off with code HOH20) • Alex and Ani Mermaid Wrap Ring

Happy Eclipse Day, everyone! Especially my fellow Charleston locals! I am so looking forward to clawing my way through the estimated million (!!!) of tourists here to see the eclipse. I mean, what could make a work day any better?? *Read the last two sentences with a tone of off-the-charts sarcasm.*

To help make this day a little easier to swallow, I am posting an adorable transition outfit, plus a little gift for you all (continue reading for more details). I know it’s only August, 90 degrees outside, and feels like you’re swimming in a fish tank every time you step outside, but no, you are not hallucinating when you look at these pictures. I am actually wearing boots. And lined boots, at that. Where do I pick up my trophy? I am beyond ready for fall. Like to infinity and beyond ready for fall. I need the holidays, and most importantly, I need cooler weather. My hair can’t take this humidity anymore. It misses the brisk fall and winter days when it stayed pretty all day, and didn’t lose it’s curl from me walking outside just to check the mail. And finally, I need to wear all of my fall clothes! I miss my boots, my sweaters, and my leggings!! So that’s why I’m bringing you a transition outfit this week. I just can’t wait any longer!

In this look, you get the colors and textures of summer, with the shoes of fall. This top is nice and airy, and doesn’t make you feel too hot. And it’s almost Labor Day, so we have to wear our white jeans while we still can (not that I abide by that rule much to begin with). These boots add a nice touch of the upcoming fall months we have upon us, and you could easily trade out the white jeans in this look for regular blue jeans if you want to carry it later into September.

And like I mentioned above, I have a little gift for you all! An online accessories store called ILYMIX, reached out to me and gave me a 20% off discount code to give to you! I ordered a pair of sunglasses from them a few weeks ago, and I was really pleased with what I received in the mail. I’m wearing the sunglasses I ordered in the pictures above! I wasn’t sure what to expect of the quality, just because they have such low prices, but the sunglasses are honestly really sturdy and high quality, and the metal frames aren’t flimsy or feel like they will break like some similar sunglasses I own. So not only are their prices affordable, but they give you a quality product too! The best of both worlds! Of course I ordered the pink pair to perfectly match my top, but they also have pairs that come in neutral colors like gold and silver too! It’s the perfect place to get trendy sunglasses on a budget. ILYMIX also carries really cute beanies and blanket scarves for fall (I love this beaded beanie, and this classic blanket scarf!), so I will definitely be snagging up some of those when it starts to get chilly! Just enter the code HOH20 at checkout to get 20% off your order!

I hope you all enjoyed this look, and are doing something fun for the eclipse! I’ll be at work in the center of it all…please pray for me!



Mini Room Tour


Target Comforter SetTarget Rectangular Throw PillowBed Bath and Beyond Seashell and Grasses ArrangementTarget Gray Square Throw PillowNordstrom Mug • Items that I purchased from Home Goods: 2 faux fur pillows, lamp shade, collage picture frame, mirror, art above bed •

Hello, everyone! Today’s post is something a little different from what I normally do. I just moved into my new apartment, and took the move as an opportunity to redecorate my bedroom. I’m calling this a “mini” bedroom tour because there’s still some things I would like to add to my room, so there isn’t a ton to show. That’s why the photos in this post are mostly focused on one side of my room. The other side that’s not pictured basically just consists of my boring white dresser, the television, and my framed Titanic movie poster (I’m not even a little ashamed). Also, my room doesn’t get a lot of natural sunlight, so bear with me on my photography skills. I’m still trying to figure this camera out (#toomanybuttons).

Another disclaimer: a lot of the items in my room are from Home Goods, aka the Holy Land of home decor, so since Home Goods doesn’t have a shoppable website, there’s a good bit I couldn’t link, and most of the similar items I found were all super expensive. So the items that I did link are items that I purchased from places that actually have websites that you can shop, like Target. I highly advise going to Home Goods if you are looking to decorate any part of your home on a budget. The mirror in my room is amazing and it was only $40! Every similar mirror I found online was about $200! So, I conclude this rambling paragraph with…Home Goods is where it’s at.

My room in my old apartment was basically the exact opposite of my new room. I’m talking bright pink, orange, and green. I had known for about the past year that I was ready to redo my room and make it a little more grown up. Don’t get me wrong, pink is still my favorite color, I just wanted colors that were softer, and a little more peaceful. I also thought that neutral decorations would be great because I can use them for many years and pair them with almost anything. All of the tan and gray decorations in my bedroom now, may make for a great guest bedroom in a house one day.

My favorite parts of my room are definitely the mirror, the lampshade, and the pillows. That mirror and lampshade were awesome Home Goods finds. I mean, how cute is that lampshade?? And the mirror is such high quality for its price. A definite steal!

There are still a few things I would love to add to my room though…

Room Decor

• 1. Home LED Marquee Sign • 2. Basket Weave Accent Pillow in ‘Ivory Dove’ • 3. Bath and Body Works Mod Stripes Candle Sleeve • 4. UGG Shearling Cuff Bootie • 5. UGG Genuine Sheepskin Rug in ‘Natural’ • 6. Plush Throw Blanket in ‘Grey Frost’ •

And that concludes my little room tour! I am so happy with my room. It’s the place I go to binge watch Friends, and where I wake up in the morning with horrendous bed head, and I love it! Let me know what you think of my bedroom in the comments below! Anything you think I should add? Happy Monday, everyone! Have a great week!


Bows on Bows


•  Soloiste Top (25% off) • Le Specs SunglassesJ. Crew JeansSam Edelman Heeled Mules (40% off) •

Here I am with another post! Just a couple more weeks of freedom this summer, until the school weeks begin. I can’t say I’m too excited about that, but I am excited about this outfit! I love me some bows. Big bows, small bows, all bows. They are the perfect feminine and fun addition to any clothing piece. When I saw these shoes I about died. They come in red too, and I’m probably gonna need to go to the beach and throw my wallet in the ocean to keep myself from buying them. I paired these bow shoes with this adorable top that has a bow on the back, because why not? Too much, perhaps? Hey, at least I’m not wearing a bow in my hair. I do have my limits, you know?

As I’m posting this, I’m currently moved into my new apartment, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve decided that I will definitely do a bedroom tour once it is fully decorated! I am by no means an expert on, or even slightly skilled at, interior decorating, but I think it will be fun to share! Have a great week everybody!