Fun Fur Vest


Cabi Vest (similar here, and here) // Topshop Turtleneck (runs really small…size up) // Topshop Jeans // Sam Edelman Booties (30% off) // Lisi Lerch Earrings

Happy Friday, everyone! To be honest I’m feeling a little down today. I guess I’m in more of a Monday mood, as opposed to a Friday mood, you could say. Some days just aren’t the best- it’s just the way life is.

I know everyone is ready for spring outfits, with all of the bright colors and short hems and such, but I just love fall/winter fashion, and I’m trying to soak it up as much as I can while it’s still cool outside (plus I’m pale and a couple months behind on my gym schedule, let’s be real #notreadyforshorts). I borrowed this vest from my mom, and I think it is so cute. I love the blue in it. It makes it a little more unique than my typical neutral vest.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! Oh yeah, isn’t it Super Bowl Sunday this weekend? I literally don’t even know who’s playing. Super Bowl Sunday is stored in the part of my brain labeled, “Things I Couldn’t Care Less About.” Unless, of course, someone has some spare Super Bowl nachos they want to throw my way. Then I can care a little bit.


January Instagram Round-Up


Sweater (sold out, so similar here, and here) // Jeans // Sunglasses // Booties // Clutch (old, so similar here)


Top (from a boutique, so similar here, and here) // Jeans // Boots // Sunglasses


Sweater // Jeans // Booties // Earrings // Hat (old, so similar here)


Jacket // Dress (old, so similar here) // Booties // Clutch (old, so similar here) // Earrings


Sweater (sold out, so similar here, and here) // Jeans // Booties // Sunglasses // Clutch (old, so similar here)


Sweater // Jeans (sold out, so similar here) // Booties // Earrings // Clutch (old, so similar here)


Dress // Necklace // Tights // Booties


Jacket // Dress (old, so similar here) // Booties // Earrings


Jean Jacket (old, so similar here, and here) // Tee // Pants // Boots


Dress // Vest (old, so similar here, and here)




Dress // Vest (old, so similar here, and here) // Booties // Earrings


Sweater // Jeans (sold out, similar here) // Booties // Earrings // Clutch (old, so similar here)


Sweater (old, so similar here, and here) // Jeans (sold out, so similar here) // Tank Top (less expensive version here) // Booties // Sunglasses


Sweater (sold out, so similar here, and here) // Jeans // Heels (old, so similar here) // Earrings


Comforter // Pillow One // Pillow Two // Love Light Sign // Bird // Tassel Garland


Jacket // Top (old, so similar here) // Pants // Booties // Necklace

Celebrating 22! 22 Fun Facts About Me

Get it? 2…2…22? Lol


BP. Sweater (sold out, so similar herehere, here) // Topshop Jeans // Jessica Simpson Heels (old, so similar here) // Lisi Lerch Earrings

  1. I was born in Texas and lived there until the first grade when my family moved to North Carolina. I still have a lot of family there and love to visit when I can. #TexasForever (oh shoot that just made me tear up a bit…darn you, Netflix, for taking away Friday Night Lights!!!)
  2. I love learning about serial killers and true crime. I could talk about it for days. I am particularly intrigued by the Manson Family murders, Ted Bundy, and the O.J. Simpson murders, just to name a few examples. All of my favorite books are books on true crime. If I wasn’t taking the career path I am now, I would probably be pursuing a career as a homicide investigator. But instead I just consume a lot of books and documentaries about famous cases and serial killers in my free time. Ya know, to keep things light and upbeat!!! 🙂
  3. I care a lot about having a clean kitchen. I hate having crumbs of food around my kitchen and 97% of the time I have my counters wiped down and dishes done every night after dinner. There’s something about waking up and making my coffee in a clean kitchen that is soothing to me.
  4. Foods that I can’t stand include: rye bread, steak with a lot of fat on it, tomatoes (especially if they are sliced really thick or chunky), Skittles candy, lettuce (aka salads), grilled chicken (love roasted chicken and fried chicken, but hate grilled), cantaloupe, honeydew melon, baked goods with nuts, bell peppers, peas, pork chops.
  5. My favorite movie is Titanic. I have seen it a million times and I can never turn it off when it’s on TV. I can quote it and everything, which just delights the people that watch it with me 😉 I even have a framed Titanic poster hanging in my bedroom that I got when they brought the movie back to theaters in 2012.
  6. This habit didn’t start until a couple years ago, but I have to fall asleep with the TV on. If I don’t have access to a TV, I will fall asleep to a podcast.
  7. When I was three I caught my forehead on fire by sniffing a lit candle and my bangs getting caught in the flames. My dad put the flames out with his bare hands and likes to tell the story that as he was running my head under cold water in the tub, I said, “It’s okay, Daddy. Jesus will make me better.” My God, I was cute.
  8. My favorite food is chips and queso, and I become a BOTTOMLESS PIT when I eat them. My other favorite foods also include donuts, bacon cheeseburgers, GOOD everything bagels with scallion cream cheese, and breakfast food (like waffles with strawberry syrup, biscuits and gravy, bacon, eggs, coffee, and home fries). Healthy!
  9. I’ve never traveled outside of the U.S. and I hope to travel to Greece and Italy one day, just to name a couple places. My boyfriend is Colombian and I am actually taking my first out-of-country trip with him and his family to Colombia this summer. I am so excited!
  10. I love 80s pop culture! 80s movies, 80s music, and even 80s style. My bed head alone is proof that I would have rocked the poofy hair, man.
  11. I’m super super super afraid of birds. Geese, ducks, chickens, turkeys, ostriches, vultures, and those lanky white birds with skinny beaks that wander around the food courts at Disney World.
  12. I have a more “unique” taste in music than some people. I really don’t like country music (with the exception of Shania Twain and Alison Krauss) or today’s pop music. I really like alternative rock or alternative “techno,” I guess you could call it. My favorite band of all time is Bombay Bicycle Club (the only band that would make me cry if I saw them in concert). I also love The 1975, Washed Out, The Cure, Passion Pit, The Smiths, The Radio Dept., Two Door Cinema Club, and Coldplay (old Coldplay, not the Coldplay after Viva La Vida. They are too pop-y for me now…this is why my boyfriend calls me a hipster). I also love to listen to instrumental music including classical music and movie scores. Oh yeah, and I am obsessed with Céline Dion.
  13. After high school, I moved to Charleston on my own so that I could take a gap year to work and gain South Carolina residency so I could go to College of Charleston. I didn’t know anyone when I moved here, and there were a lot of times when being that independent felt very difficult and isolating (being homesick is not a fun feeling), but I knew it was where I was meant to be, and the decision really helped me grow so much as a person.
  14. I am obsessed with having white teeth. Yellow teeth are a pet peeve to me, so I take really good care of my teeth. Getting my teeth professionally whitened is on my bucket list lol.
  15. I love reading movie trivia on IMDb.
  16. My love for fashion was inspired by my mom. She never leaves the house without looking put-together and phenomenal. Anyone that knows my mom knows how adorable she is! She taught me the importance of dressing nice to leave a good impression and definitely inspired my love for shopping (much to the dismay of my father lol).
  17. I have a boyfriend named Juan and we have been together for almost 4 years. He’s seriously my other half and is an extremely important part of my life. I love him so much!!!
  18. My favorite shows of all time are Friday Night Lights, Dexter, The Office, Friends, Monk, and Sex and the City (by the way, I would say that I’m a mix of Miranda and Charlotte. Charlotte and I have the same type-A personality. I also have the sarcasm of Miranda with a little bit of her cynicism. And no, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a Miranda haha)
  19. I am a morning person. I usually wake up before the sun is out, and I feel guilty when I sleep anytime past 8 o’clock, which is usually a rare occasion for me.
  20. I love pickles, except on my Chick-fil-A sandwich.
  21. If something comes in multiple colors, I will almost always choose the pink option.
  22. Tom Hanks is my favorite actor. I mean come on…Big, The Green Mile, Road to Perdition, Philadelphia, Polar Express, Catch Me if You Can, Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, Cast Away, Forrest Gump, Toy Story, Apollo 13, Splash??? I think I’ve made my point. Love you, Tom!

If you made it to the end of the list, wow! You are a trooper! Thank you so much for reading, and for your support! That’s one of the best birthday gifts you could give me!


Studded Jeans


Express Sweater // Express Jeans (sold out, so similar here)// Vince Camuto Booties (50% off!) // Lisi Lerch Earrings // Tory Burch Clutch (old, other cute styles here, and here)

Happy Thursday!!! So close to the weekend, holla! *always a decade behind with my slang* Today I bring you the most amazing jeans I have ever owned. I think we can all agree that jeans are pretty dang boring, but when I saw these, all of the little wires in the shopping part of my brain (what, you don’t have one of those?) started firing. I absolutely loveeeee the studs on these jeans. They are so unique and fun and make me feel extra stylish. I am excited to pair these with different shoes and tops for even more spunky looks.

Do y’all have any fun plans for the weekend? I know I do! If you didn’t read my last post, this weekend is my birthday weekend and I am headed to Charlotte! I am so pumped! I get very strangely excited to go home and just chill with my family and boyfriend. You would think I was going on some sort of extravagant trip, but no I’m just a homebody so I get really pumped to just spend time at home. #wild #partier #crazy

Oh, and I’m also baking myself a cake so I’m pretty excited for the extra calories.



The Easiest Striped Dress


J. Crew Dress // Show Me Your Mumu Vest (old, so other cute vests here, here, and here) // Sam Edelman Booties // Lisi Lerch Earrings // Tory Burch Clutch (old, similar here, and here)

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I had a pretty swell weekend. My boyfriend, Juan, came to visit me this past weekend and surprised me! Opening my door to his adorable face when I wasn’t expecting it really made my heart sing hehe. But now I am getting back into the swing of things and trying to get through my school work because this weekend I am headed to Charlotte for my BIRTHDAY whoop whoop! The big 22. Ugh, I can just feel the extra wisdom from my 22nd year of living such an enriched life brewing up inside me #sarcasm. It’s going to be very relaxed, nothing big. I just want to spend time with my family (dogs included) and Juan! Oh yeah, and eat. I’m trying to post more on my Instagram stories so I can connect more with y’all through my “everyday life,” so I’ll try to post pictures on there throughout the weekend so you guys can tag along in my birthday shenanigans. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you can follow me here! I also have a pretty fun post planned that will be coming on my birthday (Sunday, the 28th). It’s something a little different from what I normally do, but hopefully it will help you guys get to know me a little better, and you all will enjoy it!

Moving on to the style aspect of this site lol, you might remember this dress from this post that I did a long time ago last summer! I decided to style this dress for winter because I LOVE pieces that I can wear all year round by just styling them a little differently. This dress is older, but luckily J. Crew Factory has a pretty much identical one in stock right now (linked under the photos). My vest is a few years old, but I tried to find some other cute vests that I also thought would look cute styled over this dress! It’s amazing what some simple layering can do to transition a piece through the different seasons. I guess I should say that one of my favorite hobbies is putting together transitional outfits (lol I need to get out more…).

I hope you all have a great week! Who am I kidding? Of course you will. It’s pretty much my birthday week after all 😉



My ALL-TIME Favorite Beauty Products

beauty favoritesUntitled


Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation

This is a new find for me. I have never been a liquid foundation person. I had been an avid user of Bare Minerals powder-based foundation since the 8th grade…so the past EIGHT years…until I found this foundation. I was really wanting a more high coverage foundation that would last longer throughout the day, because I tend to have more oily skin. I had heard so many good things about the Double Wear foundation, and after reading all of the rave reviews, I finally got myself a bottle this past Christmas. It is AMAZING. I won’t ever be able to go back. It makes your skin look so good and actually lasts all day. It’s definitely a new holy grail product for me.



Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow

I started using these eyeshadows a few months ago and I am obsessed with them. I use the colors ‘Golden Goddess’ and ‘Rose Gold Retro’ and I wear them everyday. They are really sparkly so if you prefer a more toned-down makeup look during the day, I would just set these aside for your night-out makeup. But I love sparkle so I have no problem wearing mine during the day. The pay-off is really beautiful and there is no fall-out at all.



Pureology Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner

If you read my All About My Hair blog post, you already know that I love this shampoo and conditioner. My mom and I have been using this stuff for the past few years. It makes your hair feel so good and healthy. I love how thick the shampoo is too. My mom and I get the big bottles to last us a few months, which is what I’ve linked above. That’s why they’re so pricey.



T3 Convertible Base & Whirl Trio Interchangeable Wand Set

This is another product that you’ve seen if you’ve read my hair post. I heard about this curling iron because a TON of bloggers that I follow use it. It is very pricey, but I got it as a birthday gift last year and I love it. If you curl your hair as much as I do (all the time), I highly suggest investing in this product. One suggestion I do have though, is to only purchase one barrel that you think you’d like to attach to the base. I got the set of three attachments and I only use one of them. It’s sort of a waste to spend the extra money on all three (even though they call it a “deal”) because you could spend less money on just one. I only use the 1″ straight barrel and the other two just sit in my drawer.



Milani Baked Brush in ‘Dolce Pink’

I love blush! I feel like it just brightens up my face and my makeup isn’t complete until I have it on. But if I’m being honest, I’m not very picky when it comes to my blushes. All I ask is that it be pink and have a little bit of shimmer. I have tried higher-end, cult classic blushes like Nars ‘Orgasm,’ and although I liked it, it didn’t exactly blow me out of the water, especially considering its cost. But I just grabbed this blush randomly one day at CVS and I think it’s really great. It lasts all day and has good color pay-off and beautiful shimmer. Plus it’s eight bucks, so…..what more do I need to say?



Vanillamint Supreme 2X Lipgloss

This might seem kind of random since it’s just one of those random lip glosses that Bath & Body Works carries, but I honestly love this stuff. I love the fact that all of the flavors are mint flavored, because I really like the tingly feeling of the mint on my lips. My favorite flavor is the Cinnamint one, but I couldn’t find it on their website. I feel like the cinnamon in it sort of plumps your lips. To be honest I feel like the plumping factor that the mint in these lip glosses gives you makes them a solid dupe for the Dior Lip Maximizer. My mom has the Dior and I tried it one day, and I didn’t really notice a difference between it and the mint gloss from Bath & Body Works in terms of their plumping factor.



NYX Lip Pencil in ‘Mauve’

I used to never wear lipstick or lip pencils, I would just wear a gloss. But over the summer I started wearing this lip pencil under my gloss and I can’t go back. Now I feel like I look dead when I don’t have this lip pencil on. All I do is line my lips with it and then fill them in just a little bit. It’s just a great, simple lip pencil, and it’s only $3.99.



Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

This is another product that I have been using since literally the 8th grade!! I had really oily skin in middle school and I would always get so bummed because my eyeshadows would crease on my eyelids by the middle of the day. I watched a bunch of Youtube makeup videos and found this product and have been using it ever since. Your eyeshadow won’t go anywhere. It is spectacular. Plus a little goes a long way, so a tube lasts you like a year. I’m sure a lot of people are thinking, “Ew, gross it’s expired!” but I don’t care lol.



Benefit Hoola Bronzer

I’ve been using this bronzer since the 9th grade. It is the perfect shade for fair skin, and isn’t harsh or orange at all. Plus it is matte so that’s nice. Simply put, it’s just a great, easy bronzer! No fuss!


honorable mention

The only reason these products are not included in the list is because I could not find them online! But two products that I LOVE are the Almay Intense i-color liquid eyeliner and pencil eyeliner for blue eyes in the shade ‘Brown Topaz.’ I rave about these eyeliners. I have been using them since…no joke…the SEVENTH GRADE!!! So ten freaking years. If these eyeliners ever got discontinued I don’t know what I would do. The fact that I couldn’t find them online scares me a little bit. I may have to got Ulta tomorrow and buy every single one that I can find. The color is the perfect shade of brown, not too dark and not too light. It compliments blue eyes perfectly and is such a flattering color. I think they have colors for brown, hazel, and green eyes too. I can’t speak for those colors since I have blue eyes, but I’m sure they are wonderful too. Seriously next time you are at Ulta or a drug store, pick up these eyeliners…just make sure you leave some for me. They are holy grail products for me, for sure!