Black and White Gingham


Target strikes again, my friends…not that I’ve ever experienced a time when I’ve gone into a Target and not wanted to buy at least five things that I absolutely didn’t need. But, I typically don’t buy clothes there, so I was very excited when I found this top. Basically everything about it is something to love. The bell sleeves, the gingham, and the off-the-shoulder look, all come together to make this one of my favorite tops for summer. If only it came in a light pink!

Also, Target is the place to go for accessories. Whenever I have an outfit that is just missing that one little “something,” like a piece of jewelry, or a scarf, I head to Target, because I know I’ll be able to find just what I’m looking for, for cheap. This hat is from Target, and I cant wait to wear it this summer, as well as into the fall! I’m starting to get really into hats lately, because when you have hair as thick as mine, (It takes me an hour to do my hair. An hour. No, I’m not kidding.) you want to go as long as possible without washing your hair, so a hat really helps with this.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far! I hope that you enjoyed this post! Just so you know, with all of my posts, you also get free lessons on how to stand super awkwardly! I mean, just look at the fourth picture from the top. Hopefully you all find this beneficial! *insert sarcastic tone* I’m still working on this whole posing-for-the-camera thing. Have a happy week, everyone!



Black and White Stripes



Greetings, everybody! A new week brings a new post, and this week I’m bringing you neutrals in the summer, which isn’t something I often do. I usually wear my brightest clothes during this time of year, but I thought that this dress was so classic with its cut and pattern, but also kept things interesting with the fun sleeves, so I decided to give it a whirl and look past the fact that it’s just plain old black and white. The material of this dress is honestly really nice, and not too hot at all for this time of year!

I paired this dress with brown accessories. Normally, when it comes to mixing black and brown, I tend to stay away, but I felt like the lighter shades of brown in my accessories, like the oatmeal shoes and cognac necklace and clutch, seemed to work well with the black, and almost pop.

Fun fact about these pictures: if you look in the background of some of them, you can see geese. I hate geese. They are terrifying, mean, miniature feathered-dinosaurs. They can smell my fear. But, I braved standing near them to take these photos. Maybe in my next outfit post, I’ll have a badge of courage pinned to me as an accessory. Maybe I can find one on Amazon? I think I earned it.


Dress (low in stock, so similar here, here, and here) • Shoes (low in stock, so similar pair by the same brand here) • Clutch (older style, so similar here) • Necklace (old, so similar here, and here) • EarringsRing

Black and White


If you’re looking for an outfit to wear for a date night, a GNO, or just feel like over-dressing to go wandering around your neighborhood like me, this outfit is perfect for you. This top is so comfortable, but really cute at the same time with its ruching and off-the-shoulder sleeves. I think the ruching is what sets it apart from other off-the-shoulder tops that I own. I paired it with white jeans and heels for this post, but it could also be styled with some denim shorts and metallic gladiators for a more laid-back look.

The earrings are my favorite part of this outfit! I usually only wear studs for everyday, but I think I am going to start delving into statement earrings for the spring and summer. They just add a nice pop of color, or a fun shape, to an outfit, and there are some really fun ones out right now, like these, and these. A fun piece of jewelry is perfect if you’re feeling a little spunky!

I hope y’all are having a great start to your week! Leave a comment below to let me know what you think of this outfit, or any suggestions you may have for me. Keep checking back once a week for a new post!


• Top (sold out, so similar here, here, and here) • Earrings • Jeans (sold out, so similar here, and here) • Shoes •