Branching Out in a Fun Graphic Tee


Urban Outfitters Tee // J. Crew Jeans // Marc Fisher Wedges (old, so similar here) // Tory Burch Clutch (old so similar here; cheaper dupe here) // Ray Ban Sunglasses

Hey folks! It’s officially my last day of class before spring break! Tomorrow I head to Arkansas with my dad to visit my sweet ol’ grandparents. It will be a short trip, but I’m excited! On the way there, my dad and I are gonna spend the night in Memphis so we can eat some barbecue and he can show me around the city where he and my mom met and got engaged. It will be nice to have some father-daughter time! I also bought three true crime books on Amazon to read on the trip, so it will be interesting to see how many people at the airport I weird out with my literal stack of books about profiling serial killers. You know me, I like to keep it light! 😉

This outfit is a little different than what I normally wear, but I thought it was too fun not to share (also, excuse my frizzy hair in these pictures)! I am in love with this t-shirt. I mean, look at Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel being all cute. I contemplated buying this shirt for two weeks before I finally pulled the trigger. It is now the greatest t-shirt I own haha. I get happy as soon as I put it on. If you enjoy novelty t-shirts like me, or if you are an avid Friends fan, you should definitely own this shirt too.

I hope you are all having a great week so far!! Spring break, hurry up!!! …Seriously though, hurry up. I’m running out of patience.



Touch of Camo


| Altar’d State Tee  | Jean Jacket (old, so similar here, and here) | J. Crew Pants | Sam Edelman Boots (15% off!)|

How has everyone’s long weekend been? Mine has been really good! My parents came into town and we had a great time running errands and eating at a few of my favorite places in Charleston. (Here’s a few random restaurant recommendations for you whenever you’re in Chuck Town: Five Loaves, Boxcar Betty’s, and Sugar Bakeshop). My parents do so much for me and I am so grateful for them. I miss them so much already…

I took these pictures awhile ago over Christmas break! This outfit is a little different from what I might normally wear, but I really liked how easy this outfit was. The tee and stretchy pants made the outfit really comfortable, and I’m already thinking of other cute ways I could style this tee. This style camo is really in right now, and I’m kind of digging it.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how embarrassed should I feel when I say, “digging it?” An 11? Yeah I was thinking 11 too. Too bad I’m feeling like a 13 though. I really need to catch up on the slang of today’s youth. I talk as if I’m trying to embarrass the kids I don’t even have yet.


Casual in the Cold


| Cardigan: Altar’d State (sold out, so other cute sweaters from Altar’d State here, here, and here) | Tee: Altar’d State | Jeans: Articles of Society | Jeans: Frye (25% off!)| Mug: Target |

Three days until Christmas. What a beautiful statement. We are only a mere three days away from the best day of the entire year (in my humble opinion that I would shout boldly from the rooftops without hesitation). I am headed to Charlotte tomorrow and I can’t freaking wait to get there. I know my dogs are just anxiously awaiting my arrival.

Today I am featuring this super casual and cozy outfit. This is an easy outfit to just throw together on a whim if you are running errands or if you are just hanging out around the house and want to look cute for whatever reason…unlike myself, whose “hanging out around the house” uniform is usually the pair of pajamas I woke up in.

I hope the next couple days fly by, cause I am ready to be home with my family! I hope you all are enjoying this amazing time of year with your loved ones as well and are feeling nothing but joy! I won’t be posting on here again until after Christmas, so I’ll sign off with this:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours. 


Chuck Town Casual


Baseball caps are amazing. Do I even have to explain why? Baseball caps are what save you from having to spend 45 minutes to an hour blowdrying and curling your hair. I bet most of you are thinking, “Dang, it takes you that long to do your hair??” But to those of you who can relate, I feel your pain. I try not to be too lazy when it comes to my hair, but some days I am just not feelin’ it at all, and I have no choice but to throw on a baseball cap. And on days when I’m not feeling supremely lazy, I’ll take the baseball cap look a step further and dress it up a bit with a casually cute outfit, as opposed to my stereotypical leggings and t-shirt look. Put together oily hair, a day of running errands, and just a teeny bit of motivation, and this is the look you get.

This shirt is so comfortable, and as I’ve mentioned many times on this blog, it’s one of those pieces that you can dress up or down (sorry for the repetitiveness, it’s just a huge pro for me when it comes to pieces of clothing). Throw this top on with some black jeans, black booties, a gold choker, and a nice smoky eye, and you are ready for a night out! Then there’s the shoes. Oh boy, these shoes. I mean they have fringe pom poms for goodness sake! Fringe pom poms! This is the first pair of espadrilles I have ever owned, and I am so glad I finally took the leap and got them. I usually am purely a sandal-wearer in the spring and summer, but it was fun to branch out and try a different shoe style. Maybe next summer I can save up enough money to get a Tory Burch pair of espadrilles (key word here is maybe).

I’m wishing everyone a great start to the week! I’m currently on vacation and having a grand old time! I have to get in all the relaxation I can before the school year sneaks up on me in a month!

Free People Top • Articles of Society Jeans • Sam Edelman Shoes (on SALE!) • The Nash Collection Baseball Cap • other cute baseball caps here, here, and here (this one is great for all my fellow NC lovers!) •

Army Green Adventures

img_0367img_0372img_0304img_0254img_0247img_0246There’s just something about an army green jacket that makes you feel like you’re ready to go on a safari excursion! I’m totally kidding…I could barely walk on this gravel trail in these shoes, let alone take on a safari. But it’s the look that counts, right? I’ve been seeing this style of jacket on a lot of girls for a while now, and when I found this one at Marshall’s for a mere $29, I had to grab it (why, oh why, must I be a slave to trends??). Not only is it super easy to just throw on, as well as the perfect weight for this moody Carolina weather, it’s also incredibly versatile, which is my favorite thing about it.

For this post I paired it with a white tee, which has a little sassiness with its cutout at the neckline. I also wore it with skinny jeans, a horn wrap necklace which made me feel very tough for some reason, and my favorite thing in my closet right now…my Sam Edelman Yardley heels. They come in a ton of different colors, and are the perfect height in terms of adding length to your legs, but also being comfortable. Shoes have always been a weakness of mine, but since I work in retail, it’s an addiction that I normally don’t act on, because when you’re standing for 8 hour shifts, comfort is necessary. But hopefully this blog will give me an “excuse” to broaden my shoe horizons!

I hope all of you are having a great weekend and enjoyed my first post! If you have any suggestions for me, please let me know! I’m definitely getting the hang of all of this and can use all the help I can get!


white tee • necklace (sold out, so similar here and here) • jacket (similar here,  here and here) • shoes •