Knit Vest and Puppy Love


| Vest: Love Token | Sweater: BP.  (other cute sweaters here, and here)| Jeans: Articles of Society | Ankle Boots: Vince Camuto  | Hat: Halogen |

| Harley’s sweater: PetSmart |

Hi, everyone! Today’s post brings you a special and adorable guest…my dog, Harley. He is the youngest of my three dogs and probably the most hilarious. I decided to use him as a prop for this shoot, and much to his dismay, try to find him a sweater that somewhat matched mine lol. My other two dogs were acting so jealous that he got to wear a sweater and they didn’t, but I know they would have been so ticked off if I had decided to put it on one of them instead. Those foolish pups!

In the end though, Harley and I both ended up being cozy together in our sweaters! This vest is from the Nordstrom sale is surprisingly still in stock in some sizes! It is really soft and comfortable and I highly recommend it! Also, I know I wear these ankle boots in pretty much every post, but if someone wants to buy me some more shoes so I can switch things up, by all means, feel free.

I hope you all are having a great start to week! I somehow managed to make it through working all of Black Friday weekend, and now am just trying to get through this last week of classes before exams start. Almost….finished….can’t….wait…..


Blue Dolman Sleeve Sweater


| Flare Sleeve Sweater: BP (comes in five colors!!) | Hat: Halogen | Booties: Vince Camuto (20% off!!)| Jeans: Topshop |

Happy Friday, everyone!!! I am so pumped because I’m in Charlotte this weekend to spend time with my family! I haven’t been home in two months, and have pretty much been working and going to school nonstop, so I’ve been ready for a much needed break. I get to see my boyfriend this weekend too, and lucky him…I have about five blog outfits planned that I need him to shoot for me. But I know he won’t mind 😉

This sweater has been all over style blogs lately, but for good reason. It’s $39, comes in five different colors (like this red color that’s perfect for Christmas!), and is so comfortable! My only regret with this sweater is that I wish I had went up a size in it so I could wear it off the shoulder.

Does anyone have any fun plans for the weekend? Also, has anyone else started playing their Christmas music yet since it’s finally November? Well guess what losers, I beat all of you because I’ve been playing my Christmas music since September, as well as a little sprinkle of it during the summer, so ha! (“Hayley, are you sure we’re the losers?” -what all of you are thinking right now). As soon as I get back to Charleston after this weekend, my two Christmas trees are going up, so fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-judge-me-I-don’t-care!