Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

valentines day gift guide

1. PJ Salvage Lip Print Pajama Pants…$56

2. Easy Tiger Mug…$12

3. Sugarfina Candy Box Set…$40

4. Tory Burch Crossbody…$398

5. Kendra Scott Drop Earrings…$80

6. BP. Heart Shaped Sunglasses…$14

7. slip for beauty sleep Sleep Mask…$45

8. UGG Slipper…$84.95

9. Dior ‘Addict’ Lipgloss…$30

Black and White Stripes



Greetings, everybody! A new week brings a new post, and this week I’m bringing you neutrals in the summer, which isn’t something I often do. I usually wear my brightest clothes during this time of year, but I thought that this dress was so classic with its cut and pattern, but also kept things interesting with the fun sleeves, so I decided to give it a whirl and look past the fact that it’s just plain old black and white. The material of this dress is honestly really nice, and not too hot at all for this time of year!

I paired this dress with brown accessories. Normally, when it comes to mixing black and brown, I tend to stay away, but I felt like the lighter shades of brown in my accessories, like the oatmeal shoes and cognac necklace and clutch, seemed to work well with the black, and almost pop.

Fun fact about these pictures: if you look in the background of some of them, you can see geese. I hate geese. They are terrifying, mean, miniature feathered-dinosaurs. They can smell my fear. But, I braved standing near them to take these photos. Maybe in my next outfit post, I’ll have a badge of courage pinned to me as an accessory. Maybe I can find one on Amazon? I think I earned it.


Dress (low in stock, so similar here, here, and here) • Shoes (low in stock, so similar pair by the same brand here) • Clutch (older style, so similar here) • Necklace (old, so similar here, and here) • EarringsRing

Purple Cold-Shoulder Dress


Apparently purple is a lot of people’s least favorite color, and I am almost certain that this dress could persuade them to think otherwise. I mean, it’s gorgeous, and the color is so rich (am I describing this dress, or some sort of coffee? I don’t even know). Everyone probably knows by know that I am all about flowy tops and dresses. Maybe if I had six-pack abs (don’t think that’s in the stars for me), I wouldn’t be so concerned with the flowiness of my clothes, but for now I really enjoy the comfort level they provide, and I feel like many flowy pieces can be easily dressed up or down. I wear this dress with simple sandals and more toned-down jewelry to work all of the time, but I wanted to dress it up for this post with my new favorite wedges and some statement earrings.

Not only is the color of this dress great, but the ruffle at the bottom adds a cute and feminine touch that I really enjoy, and makes the dress a little more something special other than just a plain purple dress. I decided to pair the turquoise Kendra Scott earrings with it because I really enjoyed the contrasting jewel tones of the dress and the earrings, and thought they made each other pop!

I hope everyone is having a great start to the summer break, and hopefully for all of your sakes, getting more of a summer tan than I am. My one day off of work this week, and it’s raining…looks like I’m going to be pale forever. Ugh, my life is a highway! *I say in a sarcastically whiny voice as I stare out longingly through my rain-drenched window*


Dress (or call Palm Avenue in Charleston at (843)577-5219! They ship!) • Shoes • Earrings (an old style, so other turquoise earrings here, here, and here) •

March Favorites

Hello, friends! As you’ve probably seen many bloggers do, I have decided to take a spin at doing a post for my “favorites” for each month, at the end of every month. These favorites will mostly be fashion and beauty-related, but I’m also thinking about including a Charleston or Charlotte restaurant or store every now and then! I know that these are done so often on style blogs, and I truly want my blog to be a unique expression of myself, so I will try to add my own honest, fresh opinion on all of my favorites! Let me know what you think of these posts! I would love to know everyone’s opinion.

Ok, let’s get into this and see how much of my grocery budget I spent on material items this month…

T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand


Anyone that knows me, knows that I always curl my hair. I love straight hair on other people, but I just don’t feel like myself when my hair is straight. I gotta have those big Texas curls. Well, my parents gave me this curling iron for my birthday a couple of months ago, and I must say, it definitely reaches those Texas standards. It is not the cheapest curling iron by any means, but it is so light weight, high quality, and it has three barrel attachments, so you’re basically getting three curling irons out of it. It’s the same curling iron that Southern Curls and Pearls uses, and that’s where I first heard about it. It just curls your hair so incredibly well, and I will be using this curling for years down the road. (By the way, if you want a better deal on this, hit up eBay. You can buy brand new curling irons at a cheaper price. I linked a couple of eBay links for it below)

T3 Curling Wand (eBay Option One; eBay Option Two) •

Bath and Body Works Cinnamint Supreme 2X Lipgloss


If you’re anything like me, you constantly need to have some sort of moisturizer on your lips (I’m looking at you, Carmex) and it’s kind of a problem and you low-key go into shock when you don’t have anything on your lips (oh…no one’s like me and I’m just weirdly addicted to Carmex? Never mind…). Well, I found this lipgloss at Bath and Body Works this month, and Carmex has now taken a backseat and Cinnamint is at the wheel. After I tried one tube, I went back and bought three more. This lipgloss is super moisturizing, and the cinnamon in it adds a little bit of a “kick” to your lips that makes them look a bit fuller, with just a slight natural/rosy color (like your own lip color, but better), in my opinion. And that’s always a plus!

Cinnamint Supreme 2X Lipgloss

Sam Edelman Shoes


As you can probably tell from my blog posts, I LOVE Sam Edelman shoes! I had never owned a pair until I bought a pair with my Christmas money a few months ago, and since then I have accumulated four pairs and I do not plan on stopping (I think I just heard my bank account scream in terror after I typed that). You can constantly find Sam Edelman shoes on sale, whether it’s on their own website, or on NordstromNordstrom Rack, or Zappos! All of the pairs I own, I got on sale! I love how a lot of their styles of shoes come in a variety of colors, and if I’m being totally honest and not trying to fish for flourishing adjectives, they are just downright CUTE. The hot pink ones in the picture above are so comfortable, and I truly mean that. I was so obsessed with them that I bought them in Oatmeal last week! I highly suggest checking out these shoes if you haven’t already!

Sam Edelman Shoes

Multiple Rings


For my final favorite of this month, I have fallen in love with wearing multiple rings at a time. It’s always been a trend that I’ve loved, and it makes me feel like Phoebe from Friends. The past couple of months I have finally spent money on rings that I really love, and I’m finally happy with the daily set-up of my fingers. Alex and Ani is a great place for rings, particularly wrap rings (get the mermaid wrap ring if you want to stare in awe at the adorableness of your thumb all day, like I do), and all of their rings come in both gold and silver! And Kendra Scott always has your back for your jewelry needs, and when I went to Savannah, Georgia for a day trip a couple weeks ago, I had to get this ring! Wearing multiple rings makes me feel so put-together, and makes staring at my nails after I get a fresh manicure, so much better.

Alex and Ani Ring OneAlex and Ani Ring TwoKendra Scott Ring

I hope y’all enjoyed this post and are having a great week! I have some outfits planned out for the next few weeks that I’m really excited about, so keep checking back!