Perfect Little Black Dress


Bobeau Cold Shoulder Dress (30% off) • Via Spiga Heel in ‘Straw Suede’ (40% off) • Whitley V Necklace (sold out, but cute necklaces by same brand here, and here) • Tory Burch Clutch •

Hello, friends! How is the hurricane treating you all? I really hope everyone is doing okay! Luckily Charleston was spared this time, but I’m pretty sure we aren’t totally out of the woods for the next couple months, considering hurricane season just started. Maybe my stress level wasn’t cut out for living on the coast.

If you are looking for a great little black dress, this dress is so perfect. It is really comfortable, and can be styled soooo many different ways. It’s perfect for work or internships, or even for just casually romping around on the weekends. It’s also thin enough that it can be worn in the spring and summer, but can still be warmed up with some layering. I’m telling you, people, this dress is fantastic. I know y’all are probably thinking, “Hayley, it’s a plain black dress. Chill out,” and you’re probably right. Actually, you’re totally right. But I would never get this excited over a plain black dress for nothing, so you can trust me.

I am planning on doing a post this month showing a bunch of different ways that this dress can be styled, just to prove my point and show that I am not totally dramatic.

Again, please be safe if you are in the path of Irma! Although not having school and getting to come home for a few days has been pretty darn great, worrying about my apartment and flooding isn’t too fun. Have a great week!


Jeans as White as Snow in March


This light and fresh spring outfit is just perfect for the snow and 45-degree weather that some of us got a couple of days ago, huh? I mean, who doesn’t love building a snowman in open-toed heels and an off-the-shoulder blouse? Well luckily there are warmer temperatures and brighter days ahead, and those are the kind of the days this outfit is meant for. Whether it’s a date night, or galavanting around with your gal pals, a simple jeans-and-a-top look can go a long way.

The top I’m wearing is a little more peach in person than it comes off in photos, which is why a lot of the similar tops I linked below are more of a peach/coral color. I love how soft and feminine the top is, and it’s good that I wore this outfit to a dinner, since I eat like a man (lol) and anything that makes me appear more ladylike is a plus for me!

The great thing about this outfit is that it can be dressed up like it is in the post, or it can be worn more casually, with some denim shorts, sandals, and a cute brim hat, for instance.

I hope everyone is having a great week so far! Now I’m going to go curl up on my couch in a giant sweatshirt and fuzzy socks, because I don’t think that a blouse and heels will help me survive this chilliness!


• Blouse (sold out, so similar here, here, and here) • White Jeans (sold out, so similar here, and here) • ShoesNecklace • Clutch (sold out, so similar here, and here) • Rings (here, here, and here)