Neutrals Can Be Fun


| 1.STATE Sweater (25% off!) | Lisi Lerch Earrings | Topshop Jeans | Sam Edelman Booties (30% off!) | Hat (old, so similar here, and here) |

And just like that, my favorite time of the entire year is over *sobs, cries, blows nose, weeps*. It actually brings me to tears a little bit. I know I’m being dramatic and that I have so much to be grateful for, but I always feel really sad after the holidays are over. I don’t want to drink Starbucks out of the plain white cups, or hear boring music on the radio. And you never realize how bland your house or apartment normally looks until you take your Christmas decorations down. I’ve already seen some people take their decorations down and I cant believe it! Just a few days have passed since Christmas and they’re already down?? What’s the rush?? I can tell you right now, mine are going to be up until February. That’s just how I do things at the Murray house.

One thing that’s brought me joy during this dark time in my life haha, has been spending my Christmas money and buying clothes. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…I’m materialistic and love to shop. Take me as I am.

These shoes are one of my favorite gifts that I got for Christmas this year. Let me tell ya, they make me feel so fierce. I literally want to buy them in every color. I want to buy a new pair of black booties, so if Sam Edelman brings back this style again next year, a black pair will definitely be on my wish list.

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas with your families and friends, and are doing a better job at coping with the fact that it’s over than I am!




Casual in the Cold


| Cardigan: Altar’d State (sold out, so other cute sweaters from Altar’d State here, here, and here) | Tee: Altar’d State | Jeans: Articles of Society | Jeans: Frye (25% off!)| Mug: Target |

Three days until Christmas. What a beautiful statement. We are only a mere three days away from the best day of the entire year (in my humble opinion that I would shout boldly from the rooftops without hesitation). I am headed to Charlotte tomorrow and I can’t freaking wait to get there. I know my dogs are just anxiously awaiting my arrival.

Today I am featuring this super casual and cozy outfit. This is an easy outfit to just throw together on a whim if you are running errands or if you are just hanging out around the house and want to look cute for whatever reason…unlike myself, whose “hanging out around the house” uniform is usually the pair of pajamas I woke up in.

I hope the next couple days fly by, cause I am ready to be home with my family! I hope you all are enjoying this amazing time of year with your loved ones as well and are feeling nothing but joy! I won’t be posting on here again until after Christmas, so I’ll sign off with this:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours. 


Window Shopping Wants + November

So many sweaters, so little time. Sweaters are pretty much the only thing I’ve been adding to my cart this season, so I thought I would make this month’s Window Shopping Wants all about sweaters. I love how a sweater can be worn casually with just some simple jeans and riding boots, or glammed up with a cute hat and heels. Nordstrom is my favorite place to shop because they have such a great variety of both products and prices. And free shipping and returns is always a plus! So when it comes to sweater shopping, they’re usually my go-to.

Window Shopping wants

1. Free People Bell Sleeve Sweater

2. Halogen Tie Belle Sleeve Sweater (only $59!)

3. BP. Dolman Sleeve Sweater (only $39!)

4. BP. Ruffle Chenille Sweater (only $49 and SO soft! I bought this last weekend!)

5. BP. Wide Rib Mock Neck Sweater (only $39!)

6. BP. Ruffle Cold Shoulder Sweater (only $49!)